Gran Turismo 5 – New Trailer!


Yet, another trailer of the Gran Turismo 5 has been released; this time coming from the Tokyo Game Show 2010, which is currently in progress from September 16th to September 19th. The new trailer gives us more insight into the cars, the gameplay, tracks and the creepy digital eyes of the rally driver Sebastain Loeb. The GT5 will also feature special events such as the Karting Experience, the AMG Driving School, The Stig Challenge, Jeff Gordan NASCAR School and the Gran Turismo Rally.

P.S – For more information than you can handle about the latest GT5 outburst and other happenings at the ongoing Tokyo Game Show 2010, you can check out the live coverage at And no, ‘Kotaku’ is not a type of sushi. It’s a gaming blog.

Check out the latest Gran Turismo Trailer below…


  1. What do you mean spot the difference? The Gladiator and the SS 125 as seen in the photos above are two completely different bikes with NOTHING in common. Now please give me that dunce cap so I can wear it. Incidentally Yamaha must be having the highest number of non selling models. The Crux, G5, Alba, YBR 110, Gladiator, SS 125 …..

  2. Guess theres no difference at all at least i cant see it…..but the seat colour is different in the SS125 and i some how think the SS has tubeless tyres


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