Government planning to introduce a separate license for high capacity bikes

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A Recent report from Deccan Herald indicates that the Indian Road Transport Ministry is planning to introduce a separate license for motorcycles with a cubic capacity of over 500cc, somewhat similar to the A1 and A2 licensing system in Europe. Several companies manufacture and sell high end bikes in India and hence the government wants to make a separate category of license for these vehicles along with strict eligibility tests. Two wheeler license in India is currently distinguished in two types, with gear and without gear.

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An official of the road transport ministry was quoted saying that the current Indian license holder can ride any motorcycle, including superbikes and this is one of the reasons for rising number of road accidents. He further added that merely having a driver’s license should not make one eligible to ride a superbike.

The authorities are working on a plan which can reduce these numbers by at least half in the next five years. The list of measures will include new safety norms such as compulsory ABS and daylight running lights. Of the 4.89 lakh road accidents in India, 27% account for two wheeler accidents.

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The new licensing system would prevent amateur riders from indulging in such high capacity bikes without a proper test. The strict tests (if implemented), will force the rider to go through professional training on handling these powerful machines before using them on public roads. This act is most likely to be implemented along with other safety norms such as mandatory ABS expected from the year 2017.

Do you feel this move by the government will reduce road accidents? Will the tests be strict enough? Let us know your views through the comments section.

Via: Deccan Herald

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  • aditya says:

    Of all the accidents caused by two wheelers, I'd like to know how many are caused by super bikes.I agree with great horsepower comes great responsibility.But in that case why has the govt. been so lenient in handing over 4wheeler and heavy vehicle licenses??? rather than putting yet another onus on the public, govt. must ensure that it makes its current license test much more stringent and corruption free.

  • SANGIT says:

    atlist they are moving in right direction now,,,,before driving super bike ,people will know what beast they are riding . not just hump and jump on these machine like a fools

  • Jayanand says:

    Am so absolutely happy to hear this and absolutely welcome this movie.

  • sid says:

    there's a saying “der aaye durust aaye”
    this move was to be implemented a long,long time ago but after recent fatalities of such exotic bikes(deliberately ignoring the stupid riders,90% of them who don't care about their lives much less of the road users)have probably forced the government to wake up from its drug hazed slumber to sit up and take notice of a probable growing lobby to push for stricter licensing norms. The current ones are ridiculous to say the least,even a 6 year old can easily crack it with a bit of practice.
    Guys you won't believe it this is a true story, when I went to the RTO for a riding test for my perm license, I put on my helmet before the test began and a pandu asked me to remove it saying yechi kahi avashakta nahiye(this isnt necessary) such are the state of affairs in this country. ridiculous