Global Car Care Company ‘Turtle Wax’ Makes Its Way To India


Chicago-based car care provider, Turtle Wax announced its entry into the Indian market on Friday. The brand has launched its complete range of appearance products for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers for every surface including paintwork, wheels, tires, upholstery, and plastic, among others. 

A family-owned company with deep roots in Chicago, Turtle Wax stands for innovation in car care, and for nearly 75 years has pursued products that transform how consumers take care of their vehicles. Turtle Wax’s legacy dates to 1944 when Company founder Ben Hirsch invented “Plastone”, the world’s first liquid auto polish in his family bathtub. 

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In 1946 when Plastone was renamed as Turtle Wax, the iconic brand was founded and has since then emerged as a household name in more than 120 countries around the world. According to the company, it is set to offer a range of professional, ceramic and hybrid solutions with appearance products for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers for every surface including paintwork, wheels, tires, upholstery, and plastic, among others.

Commenting on the India entry, Mr Denis John Healy, Turtle Wax’s Executive Chairman, (and Hirsch’s grandson) said: “Our entry into the Indian market adds a fantastic new chapter to our history. We are thrilled to be here and offer our world-class product suite to weekend warriors and enthusiasts alike. India is unarguably the most vibrant and diverse automobile market in the world. This country not only holds great promise for the business but is of strategic significance to our global trade channels. We are keen to adapt and invest in India’s people and their car care culture more than anything else. With the most innovative global products, we are confident of Turtle Wax’s position as one of the leading car care brands in India.”

Range of Products Offered in India

The company has launched an introductory car care kit consisting of interior cleaner, rain repellant, travel spray and ice snow foam wash for car spa. As per Turtle Wax, the products will be available across all leading car accessory outlets, tyre or alignment shops, lubricant outlets, independent workshops, car spas, and auto refinish centres in India.

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To celebrate the launch in India, Turtle Wax is launching an exclusive car care kit to introduce car owners to their no. 1 range of products.  The Turtle Wax range of products are classified under four categories – Quick and Easy, Power Out, Renew/Restore and Essentials. The range consists of the following products:

  • ICE SNOW FOAM WASH for experiencing Car Spa at home with rich foam car wash
  • QUICK & EASY TURTLE WAX INTERIOR 1 CLEANER for 1 -step cleaning of all fabric, carpets and vinyl
  • QUICK & EASY TURTLE WAX INSIDE & OUT PROTECTANT for shiny plastic, vinyl & rubber surfaces
  • TURTLE WAX ICE SEAL N SHINE infused with Carnauba wax that seals in shine and protects your car paint for months
  • TURTLE WAX ODOR-X Travel spray to give a refreshing fragrance with Caribbean Crush Scent
  • CLEARVUE RAIN REPELLENT for smear-free windshield glass that enables clear visibility while driving during the monsoon rains

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Turtle Wax also plans to bring its love for road trips, vintage cars and car show to India with a series of events and videos that will be announced in the coming months. The brand is reciprocally incorporating the beauty and power of Indian culture into its global communications as well.


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