Give your 2 wheeler, get a Tata Nano in exchange!

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Remember what made Mr.Ratan Tata think about the ‘nano’ and eventually create it? The sight of over-loaded 2 wheelers with no weather protection. And no crash protection too.

He wanted to bring a change. And he certainly has. To make travel a little more safer, this festive season Tata dealers will help the prospective customers get rid of their 2-wheelers and get a Nano.

From Nov 3rd, Nano will be available without a waiting period in exchange of your exisitng 2 wheelers. Next thing-How to pay? Well, the company has tied up with the State Bank of India to make things easier for you. A low EMI option and a low interest rate too! But how low, that you will have to work out when you talk to the bank.

Another announcement came with this, Nano’s price hike! All Nano models go dearer by 9k. Well thats certainly not a small hike, but seeing that Tata has managed to keep the promise and obviously, something called ‘inflation’, this was inevitable.

BSMotoring also reports that Tata has opened new Nano access points, where people can test drive the cars. They have tied up with a total of 25 banks in the country so that getting a loan for your new Nano doesn’t become a hindrance for you getting the real OLC(One Lakh Car)

If you have a big family to haul and are frightened of those crackers coming under your bike and bursting, get a Tata nano and rest assured no cracker will be able to touch you, unless you try to get ‘wind in hair’ experience when the local children are trying to get the ‘rocket in air’ experience.

Thanks Mr.Tata for giving us the nano. And thanks BSM for giving us the news.

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