Geneva Motor Show 2014 LIVE: Toyota FV2 [Images & Details]



The Toyota FV2 has made its European debut at the ongoing  Geneva Motor Show 2014 and here are all the details and some official images of the FV2.

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The latest concept from the Japanese auto giant is an amalgam of car maker’s fun-to-drive philosophy and future vehicle technologies.

The FV2 doesn’t have a steering wheel and is rather operated by the driver shifting his body intuitively to move the vehicle in a particular direction. It also uses intelligent transport system technology to connect with other vehicles nearby and highway infrastructure to capture safety information.

Toyota has taken technology from the Toyota Heart Project to allow the driver and FV2 to develop a relationship. The vehicle uses voice and image recognition to determine the driver’s mood; it can use accumulated driving history to suggest destinations; and can present driving skills information to assist the driver. An augmented reality (AR) display can be presented on the windscreen and the body colour and exterior display can be changed at will.


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