Geneva 2016: 1000 hp Apollo Arrow marks the revitalization of Gumpert


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While the erstwhile Gumpert Apollo looked bizarre, it was sickeningly fast. Apollo Automobil GmbH, as the resurrected brand is known as now, showcased their new hyper-car – the Arrow, at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. In 2015, Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH was re-branded by the company’s new owner, Ideal Team Ventures Limited, a Hong Kong based  holding company with investments in a range of industries including the automotive sector, financial services, food and beverage, and leasing and chartering. Now, with new investments, design and engineering prowess, Apollo begins turns a new leaf with the new Arrow. What’s more, the company has a brand new factory and technology centre in Denkendorf, Germany, and is also launching a network of showrooms and dealerships.

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Back to the Arrow, Apollo reckons that it looks like the shark, and we agree. It’s an explosive pot-pourri of fins, vents and winglets, all crafted out of expensive carbon fiber and draped in metallic bright Wulfenite orange paintwork. The design, according it Apollo, ‘gives the Arrow the appearance of constant motion, even when it stands still.’ The new Apollo Arrow produces a maximum torque of 1,000 Nm at 3,650 rpm, thanks to the 4.0-litre, Audi sourced, twin-turbocharged V8 engine. An output of 1,000 HP is achieved at 6,750 rpm. The improved horsepower is the result of using two larger turbochargers on the top instead of the bottom, with new intercoolers and the new exhaust system. These figures allow the car to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) from standing in less than 2.9 seconds. The Arrow has a top speed of 360 km/h (220 mph).

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The Arrow’s reconfigured chassis feature quick-responding dampers, while riding on all-new, lighter 20-inch front, 21-inch rear “Arrow”-type flow-formed monoblock alloy wheels with centre-lock fixing. A high-performance braking system comes courtesy AP Racing with ESP/ABS from Bosch, while the brake-cooling system in the front of the vehicle has been adapted to account for the increased engine output. The brakes have additional, larger air intakes, and vehicle ground clearance is adjustable between 40 mm and 120 mm. The Arrow employs a brand new carbon body with an integrated carbon monocoque for the safety cell. Apollo will also offer a lot of customization and individualization options for the Arrow. A maximum of 100 unique Apollo Arrows will be put into production, each of them exclusively tailored to its owner.

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