Fully Faired KTM RC 125, RC200 and RC 390 coming soon!

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KTM Rc 200
While the rumors of a fully faired KTM 390 have been buzzing around for quite some time now, it seems to be an eventuality now courtesy a recent report. Popular biking magazine Visordown is claiming that the fully faired versions of KTM 125, 200 and 390 Duke motorcycles are officially on KTMs launch list. In their faired avatars, these bikes would be called the KTM RC 125, RC 200 and RC 390 respectively.

Now, as we all know that the three bikes, even with a rather substantial differential in their cubic capacities, are quite similar in the way they look. So it wasn’t quite difficult for KTM to create the full-apron versions of these machines. Differently styled stickers and distinctive paint jobs, as in the case of the 200 and 390 Duke, should enable the onlookers to tell apart the three bikes.

KTM RC 125

The three faired bikes will be revealed at EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show on November 5. It’s notable that KTM has already shown a fully faired spinoff of the 390 Duke, as the new standard bike for the ADAC Junior Cup feeder series in July.

However, if you believe that the three bikes will be a straightforward fairing add-on job, you’d probably be mistaken. The RC variants of these KTM machines will have differently shaped tanks to complement the fully faired, ‘low’ look better. Certain other body panels may also be differently styled. To further complement the ‘racing’ stance of these faired bikes, KTM will equip them will clip-ons. Expect the engine, chassis, suspension and swing-arm to remain the same though.

KTM ADAC cup Junior racer

Even with the added fairings, the weight of the RC variants won’t go up much. As compared with the Dukes, the RC’s will an projected weight of 127kg, 129.5kg and 139kg for the 125, 200 and the 390 respectively.

In keeping with the ‘racing’ inspired visuals for the machines, their power output would also be same or slightly up from the Duke motorcycles. The RC 125 is expected to produce 15bhp, the RC200 is projected to churn out 25bhp and the RC 390 is said to be good for 43bhp.  There will also be a restricted version of the RC390 to keep the power to weight ratio in check for those learning to ride bikes in the European countries.

The bikes will be produced in India by Bajaj, and will sell alongside their 200 and 390 Duke counterparts. The RC125, in all probability would be meant only for the export markets.

We expect a premium of about Rs 10K on each variant over the Dukes for the faired bikes, when they hit the showrooms in India.
Stay tuned, as we gather more information on more possible spinoffs of the three platforms. Do let us know your views on these bikes via comments.

Source: Visordown

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