Ford Goes Live with its EcoSport Urban Sports Utility Vehicle

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Ford EcoSport India Launch 3


We reported in detail when Ford India launched its largest product experiential campaign, the EcoSportDiscoveries. As per the marketing campaign, a hundred consumers will get a chance to drive the urban SUV and share their product experience with family and friends. The hundred consumers will be selected by a jury having evaluated the registrations basis following or votes, quality of content uploaded on and other *criteria. The experiential drive will commence in May 2013.

Ford India also announced that the EcoSport line-up will include four trims, giving consumers a choice of three engine options with options including manual transmission and an automatic transmission option in petrol.

The much publicized 1.0L EcoBoost turbocharged engine will be powering the petrol variant. EcoSport will be the first vehicle in its segment to feature a voice enabled interactive system better known as SYNC, which the manufacturer has co-developed with Microsoft.

Ford EcoSport India Launch 2

At the EcoSport Urban Hub launch Joginder Singh, president and managing director of Ford India said, “We are excited to go live with our game changer EcoSport at the EcoSport Urban Hub as we bring our urban SUV closer to our consumers. We have taken a step further by giving them an opportunity to drive and experience the EcoSport out in the open and share their product experience with their family and friends. With this experiential drive commencing in May we will go further in meeting their aspirations.”
Ford India also announced today the simultaneous opening of the first two EcoSport Urban Hubs in New Delhi and Mumbai at Select CityWalk, Saket and Infinity Mall, Malad respectively.

As part of the 12-city roadshow, this is the next step forward with the EcoSport Urban Discoveries campaign. In the following weekends, the EcoSport Urban Hub will be going to Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Kochi, Ludhiana, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune and Kolkata in a phased manner, and consumers will have the opportunity to see, touch and feel the upcoming EcoSport in this modular urban environment in high footfall malls in each of these 12 cities.

“We thought we should leverage EcoSport Urban Discoveries as a socio-technological tool to take advantage of the vast reach of the internet so that we could tap into India’s proverbial method of effective communication, which is word-of-mouth, and the EcoSport Urban Hub will be an enabler to this kind of engagement”, said Vinay Piparsania, executive director of Marketing, Sales and Service at Ford India

The EcoSport Urban Hub is a modular interactive zone contained inside the atrium of a mall featuring an urban skyline as a backdrop and a glass floor embedded with objects that will be reminiscent of places in a city. The Hub also includes an educational 3-D Ecoboost engine holocube which is a revolving and projected display of the engine’s construction to familiarize visitors with the revolutionary engine technology. A SYNC simulator in the form of an engaging driving game and music selector will give users a sense of the functional simplicity of the voice enabled interactive feature.

Ford EcoSport India Launch 1

The EcoSport will be on display for visitors to explore the exterior and interior of product in this modular ‘urban’ environment that reflects the positioning of the urban SUV. Those interested in the EcoSport can register themselves at the EcoSport Urban Hub and they will be kept informed about the progress towards the market launch.

“The EcoSport Urban Hub will help us engage with and educate people about our upcoming EcoSport, and with this approach we would like help customers take the right purchase decision.” Vinay Piparsania added.

EcoSport Urban Discoveries in the form of is a social platform that has the potential to reach out to a vast population and contains the tools for real people to share their real experiences with their friends, family and communities

“Consumer curiosity and eagerness regarding the EcoSport adds to the SUV’s importance and relevance to India’s urban population, and we will get the opportunity to go further in expanding the Ford showroom with an exciting product and offering our customers a great ownership experience”, concluded Joginder Singh.