Ford Focus tuned to produce 340 horses


A German Company called Loder 1899 has tuned the Ford Focus RS to give a peak power of 340bhp.

The company claimed that half of the 40bhp power gain as compared to the standard car was the result of a new stainless-steel exhaust system in a Y-pipe form. A silencer fitted to the exhaust system of the RS deepens its note as well as lowers its maximum noise. A new air filter and ECU tinkering have contributed to the remaining gain in power. The company claims that the car will travel from 0-62mph in 5.7sec. The new figure is 0.2sec faster than the previous one.

Buyers have also been given the choice to lower their RS by 35mm and opt for a range of alloys from 17-20 inches in size. The car features Nitrogen filled tyres that are fitted to the alloys as standard. The total cost of this kit will amount to about £6000.


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