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Force Motors Commissions 1000 COVID Special Ambulances


The Force Traveller is a versatile platform which has been serving the social needs of India for a really long time. The company offers various forms of the people carrier and as an ambulance, the Traveller fits the bill ‘to a T’.

In view of the surge in cases anticipated with the easing of the lockdown, state governments and local administrations are going all out to strengthen Health Care Infrastructure in their jurisdiction. Supporting their efforts, Force Motors is one of the few companies that has developed the in-house capability to manufacture and supply a full range of ambulances that are ready to use from day one and also comply with all the provisions of the recently introduced National Ambulance Code.

Force Traveller Ambulance

Complying with the aforementioned code, Type B Ambulance is a basic ambulance that is meant primarily for the transport of patients who do not require any treatment while in transit to the hospital. Type C or Basic Life Support Ambulance is meant for transporting patients who require basic monitoring while in transit and may require non-invasive airway management. And the Type D Ambulance or Advanced Life Support Ambulance is equipped to treat critical patients requiring intensive monitoring and invasive airway management. The Advanced Life Support ambulances have inbuilt provision to mount life-saving equipment like a defibrillator, transport ventilator, BP Apparatus, scoop stretcher, spine board etc., required to treat critically ill patients while on the move.

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In addition, Force Motors also has the capability to supply mobile medical units that can function as primary health centres in remote locations providing consultation and treatment. In order to fight this pandemic, the state governments and local administration are planning to have a mix of all types of ambulances so that they can be deployed as the situation warrants. Force Motors supplied to the Govt of Andhra Pradesh over one thousand ambulances including 130 advanced life support ambulances, 282 basic life support ambulances and over 656 mobile medical units that will significantly upgrade the healthcare infrastructure, improve reach and reduce response time. The Mobile Medical units delivered to Govt of Andhra Pradesh are also equipped with COVID screening facilities and can be accessed by the citizens by dialling 104.

Force Motors Ambulance

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Prasan Firodia, Managing Director, Force Motors said, “The ongoing pandemic has suddenly highlighted the inadequacies in our healthcare system. It is very heartening to see that local administrations and state governments are responding quickly by upgrading their public health delivery systems. We are very happy that the Govt. of AP reposed their trust in the proven and reliable range of Force Traveller Ambulances and look forward to supporting such initiatives in other states”.

As a responsible corporate, Dr Abhay Firodia Group has also been actively participating against the fight against this pandemic. It has earmarked Rs 25 Crores to support various COVID-19 relief activities by supporting the upgradation of health care infrastructure and facilitating mobile clinic/testing capabilities that have treated over 10 lakh patients during the lockdown period.



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