FMSCI Announces Calendar for 2013 Indian National TSD Rally (INTSDRC) Championship

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The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) today announced the calendar for the 2nd year of the highly popular FMSCI Indian National TSD Rally Championship 2013. This championship will be run under the TSD (Time Speed Distance) format of rallying, with the objective being to maintain precise times and average speeds on various segments of a predefined route. Leading Indian manufacturer Mahindra have already confirmed their support by supplying 6 cars for the season.

TSD rallying in india is extremely popular as you don’t have to prepare a Special vehicle for this all it needs is a good navigator and coordination between driver and navigator. Any cars/SUV having a valid registration in India (RTO) may participate. The total distance of the rally is set at a distance of minimum 175 Km and maximum of 200 Km.

FMSCI President Vicky Chandhok said that the Federation is excited about the second year of the TSD Rallying championship after a successful first year. He said, “Our first year of the TSD Rallying Championship was received very well and that is why we are keen to promote it again this year. The interesting thing about TSD is that it is the only form of motorsport where speed is not a priority but rather precision and is a great stepping stone for rally enthusiasts. We had good manufacturers support last year and we hope to get more of them involved this year as well. The beauty of this championship is that any car can participate and no modification is necessary. It connects with the grassroots level of the sport and is hugely popular. We are keen to continue to promote awareness of the sport and confident that this will reach a completely new audience. We would like to thank the organizing clubs for stepping in and taking on the responsibility to ensure we have another successful year.”

The 2013 FMSCI TSD Rally Championship will consist of 5 rounds with the first round taking place in Nashik. There will be two main categories, namely, Pro Expert and Pro Stock. The cars need not be altered or modified as it is a TSD format. Each car will be fitted with Transponders, GPS, Trip Meter and digital cameras for backup times and verification etc.

Round 1 of the 2013 TSD championship will be held in Nashik on September 28-29. This will be followed by rallies in Chikmagalur, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

The calendar for the 2013 TSD Championship will be as follows:

  • Round 1 : September 28-29 : Nashik
  • Round 2 : October 19-20 : Chikmagalur
  • Round 2 : November 16-17 : Coimbatore
  • Round 3 : December 7-8 : Bangalore
  • Round 1 : December 20-21 : Coimbatore
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