Five-Year Jail, INR 1 Lakh Fine For Creating Noise Pollution In Mumbai’s Silent Zones

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With the festive season around the corner, Maharashtra Government wants to make sure noise pollution is under check in the Financial Capital of the country.

The State Government has announced hefty fines and jail term for violators of noise levels in Mumbai’s Silent Zones. Violating the noise levels will attract a penalty of INR 1 lakh and jail sentence of five years. The list of 110 Silent Zones in the city include government and private hospitals, nursing homes, courts, schools and colleges.


Maharashtra Government has listed 110 locations in the city as “Silent Zones”. The circular by the State Government further adds that the noise level in residential areas cannot exceed 50 decibel during day and 40 decibel at night. The levels are marginally higher in commercial areas of the city at 75 decibel and 70 decibel during day and night respectively.

It is to be noted that the number of Silent Zones have come down from 1,503 to just 110 locations in the city after an amendment last year. In August 2017, the Centre made amendment to the Noise Pollution Rules, 2000. The amendment stated that a specific location will be considered a Silent Zone only if declared by the State Government. The amendment cancelled the 1,503 silent zones in the city. Post the amendment, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) chose 110 that have now been notified as Silent Zones.

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Citizen can report noise level violations by calling Police Helpline (100) or by writing an email to the authorities (

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