First list of shortlisted MOTOREPS out!

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Here’s the first list of the most promising candidates for the position of MOTOREPS. The applications from Mumbai were way too many. We have shortlisted only two names from Mumbai as of now. We are evaluating the rest of the applications as well, and will add to the list as soon as we have zeroed in on to more candidates.

  1. Abhishek Pandey – Bhopal
  2. Dhairya Gupta – Delhi
  3. Anurag Agarwal – Kolkata
  4. Santoosh Venkatram – Bangalore
  5. C. Anjani Kumar – Vishakhapatnam
  6. Abhishek Chaurasia – Chandigarh
  7. Hrishikesh Deshpande – Mumbai
  8. Gopinath – Mumbai
  9. Utpal Das – Delhi

You can still send in your entries for ALL the cities. The final selection will be made purely on the basis of merit. Rush in your entries before the positions get filled. Click the following link for more information

Team Motoroids

Thanks again for your enthusiastic participation.

Best regards
Team Motoroids

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