Ferrari F430 crashes after police chase

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F430 crash

Watching movies where the Cops chase bad guys in their cars is fun. Sadly, most of the times, it’s the cop car that ends up being totaled. In real life though, if someone uses a Ferrari F430 as a getaway vehicle, that person must be a bigger part of the crime puzzle, who is already ‘Wanted’ in eleven nations and is in a hurry to drive into that twelfth country that doesn’t know much about him.

F430 crash2

As it happens mostly, reel life is often inversely replicated in real life. A man in Czech-Republic was being chased by the cops in his Ferrari F430 when he figured, he isn’t as good a driver, as he is a criminal. While being chased, he crashed the car through a construction barrier and brought the car to a halt on top a rubble. It looks like he was rather proud of what he achieved and since he couldn’t really wait for the champagne and his trophy to arrive, he perched the car on top of the podium and left it there. Before the cops could arrive, the man pulled a Houdini and made a clean getaway from the crime scene on foot. The Police isn’t sure if the car was stolen and is still looking for the man.

Source: WreckedExotics

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