Ferrari F1 Team kicks Grieving Relatives of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 out of Hotel rooms

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The Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is untraceable for more than two weeks now. Family members of the onboard passengers are worried about their kin.  Even after two weeks, there has been no concrete information on what happened to the flight MH370. Many theories and investigations carried out by agencies have turned futile.

Now, to add to the grief of the relatives of the passengers of the MH370, more than a dozen grieving relatives of passengers have been kicked out of their hotel rooms in Kuala Lumpur.


The relatives were staying at the Cyberview Hotel to await the news of the missing flight MH370. But they were forced to give up their hotel rooms to the Ferrari F1 Team which is in town for the Malaysian Grand Prix. The Malaysian Grand Prix will be held on March 30.

When contacted by NBC News, F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone said the hotel arrangements for the team were done long before the plane disappeared. He went on to say “I feel terribly, terribly sorry for these people but it is up to the hotel. What would happen if you told somebody that they no longer had a booking? You would get sued, I’d imagine.” The Ferrari team, based in Maranello, northern Italy, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although the above incident could have been handled in a different way, we hope the agencies involved with the search for the missing flight achieve success soon. We also wish the passengers and crew members on the flight are safe.

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  • Sarvesh says:

    Yawn!, ******* Ferrari, just stop buying their Machines, Merchandise; stop supporting them, and, boycott them in all possible ways, then let us all observe how the pseudo passionate Machine makers, and, their overrated racing Machines, and, team feel; same for F1, even though it has some partly rudimentary Indian Daru connection now.