Ferrari 458 will cost…

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According to a leaked price list, the Ferrari 458 Italia will cost a whopping 149,246£. That translates to a cool 1.1 Crore rupees exclusive of taxes. Whenever the car makes its way into the country expect it to set you back by a heart-stroke causing 2.8 Crores On Road.


However that’s not all, metallic paint will cost £2153 (Rs. 1.6 lakh) extra, while the vintage colours like that ‘pale yellow’ shade will cost £6459 (Rs. 4.8 lakh). Then it will add an additional couple of lakh to the final price every time you tick one of the options like racing harness, racing livery, 20 inch, forged alloy-wheels, leather headlining or electically adjustable seats.


For all of us poor souls who cannot quite afford it, we can always fantasize about it and knowing the price helps. I’ll have mine in light metallic blue, with dark grey ‘scuderia’ racing stripes and an all-black interior, how ‘bout you?
Mihir Gadre

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