Fears grow that Michael Schumacher may Remain in Coma forever

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We have reported about Michael Schumacher’s condition as and when the reports surfaced. Now according to recent reports, fears grow that he may remain in coma forever. This has to be the biggest fear for the F1 fraternity. We hope this remains a speculation and never turns into reality.  CLICK HERE to read about Michael Schumacher Crash.


Several factors including the silence from his team management and family on his condition has contributed to the speculation.According to a report in UK’s Daily Mail, Schumacher, who has been in a state of induced coma for 19 days after a ski accident – may not recover. It was attributed to the fact that no medical bulletin had been issued in the last few days.

The report further said that German media agencies had spoken to brain injury experts and the opinion received was grim. “There may have been complications”, a neurosurgeon – Andreas Zieger – was quoted as telling Focus Magazine. “A coma can in theory be maintained for a lifetime. It won’t hurt the human brain.”

While medical experts are believed to have said that patients in induced coma are usually brought out in a week or two, Schumacher’s condition remains serious. According to German media, the risk of brain haemorrhage remains high as well.


The 45 year old seven times F1 champion fell while skiing at a ski resort in the French Alps on December 29. He is being treated at the Grenoble hospital. The footage from his helmet cam had proved that he was not going fast when the accident happened. We pray he returns to his full health soon.

Source : NDTV Sports

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  • Shashank A Naik says:

    U r a champ Michael… U have been a fighter… Feet well soon Champ… our prayers and wishes remain with u…

  • Peter Noonan says:

    Thanks Dorcas..we continue to pray for Michael and his family… <3

  • Peter Noonan says:

    We pray that Michael will return to full health soon,…..
    Michael will return to full health when it is time. Amen.