Fast and Furious 8 to land in New York for next vehicular mayhem

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Vin Diesel Confirms Fast and Furious 8

Vin Diesel recently appeared as a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC last month and he revealed preliminary details about the eighth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. According to what Diesel said, the eighth edition of Fast and Furious will land in New York for another round of vehicular mayhem. Vin Diesel also revealed that Kurt Russell will make a come back in Fast and Furious 8.

Here is the video where Vin Diesel talks about Fast and Furious 7 and sow the seeds for Fast and Furious 8:

Fast and Furious 7 was released last week and the film has received positive response from the audience as it clocked a gross profit of USD 384 million worldwide. The seventh edition will be the last film to feature Paul Walker on the screen. Walker passed away in a road accident in November 2013. The future of the franchise was under speculation but the confirmation about part 8 from Vin Diesel reveals that the film series will continue.

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