Exxon Mobil1 Countdown Video Showcases Brand’s Racing Heritage

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Exxon Mobil1 Campaign

Makers of the world renowned lubricant oil brand Mobil1, Exxon, have released a new video for their lube brand. The video depicts the glorious heritage of their performance lubricant oil in motorsport. A countdown listing out the company’s accomplishments and other race stats as digits comprises the theme of the video. For example, the 8 cylinders of the V8 engines powering a Nascar car, 6 continents of the brand’s presence, and 4 decades of its existence are all used to represent the countdown numbers.

The action packed video carries exclusive footage from some of the top global motorsport events. All the action and excitement from the world of speed is captured in a compact and hard hitting span of 30 seconds. The motorsport event covered in the video include Nascar, Le Mans 24 hours, Dakar Rally, Formula 1, Touring Cars, Drag Races and many more. Check out the video below

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