Experience the ‘Engine of the Future’ in Tata’s Revotron Lab

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A Science laboratory is generally where people dressed in white lab-coats and unkempt hair bring all the elements, all the possibilities together which combine and transform into an invention. This Sanctum Sanctorum for bright minded people is where path-breaking technology is born before it is presented to the world and it’s dumbfounded habitants. Tata Motors believes it has one such creation up it’s sleeve in the form of it’s new 1.2 litre turbo-charged ‘Revotron’ petrol engine, which will find it’s way in the new ‘BOLT’ and ‘ZEST’.

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This homegrown piece of technological brilliance will feature, for the first time in a car of it’s segment, selectable driving modes which will let you toggle between Sport, Eco and City, according to the driving conditions. It develops 90 ps of power and 140 nm of torque between 1750-3500 rpm. India’s first F1 driver. Narain Karthikeyan has been closely involved in the development of the Revotron engine and he feels the new engine offers immense flexibility in terms of balancing performance and fuel-efficiency.

Tata Motors has launched an innovative, nation-wide campaign to showcase its new Revotron engine as a prelude to the launch of its new cars Zest and Bolt. The campaign seeks to engage with its customers and create brand awareness for India’s first 1.2 Litre MPFi Turbocharged petrol engine, the Revotron 1.2T. The Revotron Lab has futuristic design with interactive elements for customers to experience dedicated zones, which brings alive the engine benefits in an evocative manner. The Binaural Sound Zone offers virtual sound experience which replicates the sound of the engine. It is a special zone which provides one of a kind audio experience to participants. This zone transports participants onto the road where they will experience three different drive modes of the engine and sheer pleasure of driving the Revotron powered car.

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Another attraction will be The Revotron Challenge game is a futuristic 3D game which allows a participant to travel in a Zest where they can experience first-in-class multi-drive modes i.e. Sport, Eco and City. A participant can beat the other player by engaging the right drive mode and picking up fuel drives. The game is available for free download on Apple App Store and Google PlayStore for mobile devices.

Through the Augmented Reality application, visitors can also capture their picture with a virtual Narain Karthikeyan in the Lab. The picture gets uploaded onto the Facebook page of the user with an interesting caption. There are other fun and engaging activities planned by geeky scientists at the Lab.

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