EXCLUSIVE: Fab Regal Raptor motorcycles to set shop in India; line-up revealed

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After UM Motorcycles, another US based motorcycle manufacturer is eyeing to set shop in India. They’re called Regal Raptor motorcycles. Designed in USA, Regal Raptor sells in over 39 countries worldwide, and for the first time in India, courtesy Hyderabad based Fabulous & Beyond* (FaB) motors, Regal Raptor will enter the country with its line-up of Chopper, Cruiser, Sports and Custom motorcycles. The announcement was made at a surprise reveal at the ongoing Hyderabad International Auto Show 2015.

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*JRS Industries, a two and half decade old name in Furniture manufacturing industry in Hyderabad and south India, now forays into Retails Sector—Multi Brand Electronics, Furniture, Furnishings and Automobiles floats a new company—FabB (Fabulous and Beyond Enterprises Pvt. Ltd).

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Regal Raptor motorcycles is a US based company and their production unit is in Shanghai, and comes under the Lifeng Group, which was formed in the year 1962 by Mr. Horse Zhang, a leading Industrialist. The inception of Regal Raptor was in the year 1990, which is now a 24 years old company. It has spread in 39 countries, with a decent footprint in all the Western, Arab and Asian countries. In India, they plan to capture Exclusive Manufacturing rights and set up base, while export to 8 neighboring countries viz. Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Yemen & Pakistan.

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The Motor Cycles will be imported in CKD condition and most of the components will be localized to make it more cost effective. Apparently, the machinery has already been ordered for assembling the bikes in India to cater to the requirements in India and also the above neighboring countries. According to the official release, “the focus of the Fab Motors India is to concentrate on middle class, upper middle class and the higher income group category. Our vision is to sell best motorcycles with best quality to all categories of people.”

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All bikes to run Delphi sourced ECUs from China

FaB Regal Raptor assembly line is to be set up in Telangana and is already under process, but no time frame for an official launch has been announced yet.

The line-up

The Indian line-up will constitute of the Bobber, the Daytona 350 and the DD-350E-9B. All the three bikes are powered by similar engines, and merely differ in style. They’re also planning to offer a warranty of 2 years. Excuse us for just screen grabs for the moment, but stay tuned for exhaustive details and an exclusive review soon!

Fab Regal Raptor Bobber

The Bobber will be powered by a 320 cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel twin-cylinder motor developing a maximum power of 22.8 bhp @ 8500 rpm, while maximum torque is rated at 22 Nm @ 6500 rpm. If that tiny bobber-esque fuel tank makes you wonder, it has a capacity of just 8 liters, while the bike  tips the scales at 170 Kgs. The Bobber 350 can be had for an expected price of INR 3,23,000, and does 0-60 Km/hr in 3.5 seconds, while topping out at 130 Km/hr.

Fab Regal Raptor Daytona 350

The Daytona 350 spawns a chopper-like style, and will be powered by the same 320 cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected twin-cylinder motor developing a maximum power of 22.8 bhp @ 8500 rpm, and a peak torque of 22 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Fuel tank capacity goes up to 15 liters, and the Daytona weighs 180 Kgs.  Like the Bobber, it can also be had for a price of INR 3,23,000, and does a 0-60 Km/hr dash in 3.5 seconds, while topping out at 130 Km/hr.

Fab Regal Raptor DD-350E-9B

DD – 350E – 9B: The name’s a mouthful, but at INR 2,96,000, its the cheapest of the lot. The cruiser will be powered by the same engine as above, which, by the way, runs a compression ratio of 10.2 : 1 and sports a Delphi sourced ECU. Performance specifications also remain the same. Fuel tank capacity is rated at 14 liters, while the DD – 350E – 9B tips the scales at 180 Kgs. All the aforementioned bikes lay power using a 5-speed gearbox.

Images courtesy Prabhakar

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