Eicher-Polaris Multix utility vehicle launched in India at Rs. 2.32 lakh

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Eicher-Polaris has launched their all-new utility vehicle – the Multix. Eicher-Polaris is the result of the 50:50 joint venture between Eicher Motors Ltd. and Polaris Industries Inc. According to the manufacturer, the Multix is “India’s first personal utility vehicle” and comes in two variants and four colours. The Multix has been built to carry five people and their respective luggage, and if need be, can offer up 1918 litres of cargo space.

Eicher-Polaris Multix

The Eicher-Polaris Multix gets a ‘X-PORT’ which is a power socket. The X-PORT can generate 3kW of electricity, which can then be used to provide power to professional equipments such as water pumps, DJ systems and drilling tools. According to the manufacturer, the Multix is an all-new platform and boasts of a Flexituff body shell that features a tubular frame structure. The Multix also gets Pro Ride independent suspension along with 225mm of ground clearance. On the safety front, this personal utility vehicle gets Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) for improved stability. Power is provided by a 510.7cc diesel engine that makes 9.8bhp of power at 3000 rpm and 27.1 Nm of torque between 1400-2200 rpm. The power from the engine is sent to the back wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission and the Multix delivers a fuel economy figure of 28.45 km/l.

Eicher-Polaris Multix (side)

The Multix is a personal utility vehicle and can seat five people.

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director & CEO, Eicher Motors Ltd. said, “We have identified a large untapped segment in Independent Businessmen with an estimated population of 5.8 crore in India, and are committed to create a new and strongly differentiated automotive solution for them through Multix. Our aim is to equip the consumers with the Multix ecosystem and enable them to unlock their potential by accessing a world of new opportunities. We have made an investment of Rs. 350 crore till date.” According to the manufacturer, the Multix has undergone rigorous testing to prove its durability, reliability and safety.

Eicher-Polaris Multix (rear)

The rear-mounted engine sends 9.8bhp of power and 27.1 Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

Eicher-Polaris Multix launched

Eicher-Polaris’ Jaipur plant can produce 60,000 units which can be scaled up to 1,20,000 units.

Eicher Polaris Pvt. Ltd. has invested INR 350 crore towards product development and for setting up a manufacturing facility in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Radhesh C Verma, Chief Executive Officer, Eicher Polaris Pvt. Ltd. said, “Multix is a true ground up innovation. We have looked at every aspect of value proposition delivery, whether it is the vehicle, its accessory system, the retail experience or service thereafter, and have challenged set norms. We have a solution which resonates very well with consumers and we are certain of driving disruptive growth. Multix will be launched in 30 cities to start with. It will be available for test ride in July and deliveries will start in August.” Prices for the Eicher-Polaris Multix starts at Rs. 2,32,850 (ex-showroom, Jaipur).

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  • Satish says:

    What is use of a personal vehicle if it cant reach 100kph? Seems they are targeting it for families with some cargo. Wont they want to spend time outside city? Also the crude build means dont expect people to respect you in upmarket places.

  • sanjay says:

    It’s a tallboy design, so it wouldn’t be safe to race at high speed anyway. Seems like a nice rural utility vehicle. In developed countries, they might like it for camping.

  • sanjay says:

    At Rs 2.32 lakhs, the cheapest model won’t have AC, but perhaps the higher model might

  • alex says:

    does it have ac???

  • Moji zahedi says:

    Need information about detail for purchase and sales of these type of vehicles