EBR 1190SX Specifications Revealed


The EBR 1190SX specifications have finally been revealed. It shows that the engine hasn’t been detuned from the state found on the EBR 1190RX.

EBR 1190SX Specifications RevealedIn this age of platform-sharing and shared components bins, naked bikes are often considered as stripped-down versions of their corresponding race-bred brethren. The fairings are ditched, and handlebars are set higher. Footpegs are positioned more comfortably, and even the seat height is often changed for a more comfortable seating position. Other than these, most other parts stay the same. Companies do share the powerplant of a trackbike on the naked version.

But, the powerplant is usually detuned to provide a meatier middle-range grunt in expense of a screaming top-end. This is because naked bikes are meant to conquer the crowded cityscape, not the controlled environment of a racetrack. And a rider would most often be found straddling the middle-range of the powerband while riding a naked bike on the city streets.

EBR 1190SX Specifications Revealed

And this is where Erik Buell Racing is breaking the mould.

The EBR 1190SX specifications show that the powerplant hasn’t been detuned from the state that’s used on the EBR 1190RX. The 1190cc V-Twin powerplant is completely unchanged, and churns out 185 hp and 101.6 lb-ft like the EBR 1190RX. By doing this, EBR claim that they are creating a new segment of bikes called “Superfighters”. While it is appreciable that the EBR 1190SX is getting the full juice from the V-Twin powerplant, it does raise a question. Can this power actually be used on the streets??

Meanwhile, other data sets from the EBR 1190SX specifications list isn’t as surprising. At 414 lbs, the EBR 1190SX is five pounds lighter than the faired 1190RX. The 1190SX uses the same aluminium twin spar frame which also doubles up as the fuel storage area. Parameters like the rake, trail and wheelbase have been left unchanged too. The EBR 1190SX uses the same rim-mounted front disc brake that does duty on the 1190 RX.

The EBR 1190SX will be available in a choice of three colours : FrostBite White, Galactic Black and Racing Red

The EBR 1190SX specifications do show that it can give the Aprilia Tuono V4, BMW S1000R and the KTM 1290 Super Duke a run for their cash!

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