eBikeGo To Launch ‘The Most Rugged Electric Bike’ On 25th August

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eBikeGo is India’s leading online platform that provides e-bikes on rent. The E-bikes are available at affordable rates which bring down the commute cost. As the costs of various materials have increased, the E sector has a lot of potential. That is why the online bike rental platform has flourished as people found it pocket friendly. Similarly, by looking at the growth in the 2-wheeler sector, eBikeGo will be launching the upcoming Rugged electric two-wheeler on 25th August in India.

Ebikego rugged teased

According to the company, the Rugged will be a new brand from eBikeGo that will transform the course of e-mobility in the country.eBikeGo claims the Rugged to be the strongest electric bike ever built. The bike is designed and manufactured entirely with in-house design and manufacturing. This makes the new electric two-wheeler part of the Make in India program. The company has also announced that the Rugged has received the ICAT approval and is eligible for the Fame II subsidy program

Reason For the Rugged E-Scooter

Stating the reason behind the launch of the Rugged, the company stated that they discovered the significant scarcity of strong electric bikes in the market that are intended for Indian road conditions. The company completed riding 50 million kilometres and 2400+ eBikes from all available OEMs and manufacturers from across the world. After a complete analysis of millions of data points collected by EBGmatics (eBikeGo’s proprietary IoT technology), the company concluded that the Rugged electric bike needs to be customised to survive the conditions of the Indian roads. The company is yet to announce the complete specification of the eBikeGo Rugged.

eBikeGo 3

eBikeGo Charging Stations

eBikeGo recently announced that they will be undertaking the task of installing 3,000 IoT enabled public charging stations across five cities in the country. These charging stations will cater to both two-wheeler and three-wheeler electric vehicle users in respective cities. The eBikeGo EV charging stations will be connected to the internet to help with easy access to charging stations. EV users looking to use the charging station will have to simply scan the QR code to activate the charging. BikeGo will also provide a smartphone application, where users can keep a check on the number of units being used while charging their two-wheeler or three-wheeler. The same application will also cater to vendors who install these stations at their establishment. The eBikeGo charging station provides multiple payment options such as UPI, credit or debit cards, or cash.

eBikeGO 2

Cheaper Than Petrol

According to the company, It will cost about 20-50 paise per km to charge the two-wheelers as well as three-wheelers. This makes EVs around five times cheaper to run than petrol-powered vehicle.

eBikeGo 1

Official statement

Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO of eBikeGo, said, “We at eBikeGo decided to take the bull by the horns after waiting for three years for someone to come in and create a robust electric bike that is affordable and can be adopted by the public. After evaluating multiple OEMs in the industry, we zeroed down on Boom Motors for the design and manufacturing of the vehicle.”He further added, “Purely based on the Indian road conditions, the petabytes of data generated from our delivery and rental operations are shared with Boom Motors founded by Anirudh Ravi Narayanan. This information is used as an input matrix for the vehicle’s design and production. We are extremely happy to launch India’s most sustainable, smartest and robust electric moto-scooter ‘Rugged’, which will transform the course of e-mobility in India and push the boundaries of innovation in the electric bike segment.”

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