Ducati XDiavel Gets New Iceberg White Paint

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Ducati will be taking part in the 20th edition of the biggest European Custom and Cruiser event – set to take place from 5 to 10 September at Faaker See, Austria – with its cruiser: the XDiavel. This event will give the public the chance to get a first-ever look at the new Iceberg White colour of the XDiavel. A sneak peek at the XDiavel 2018 range that, in addition to the new colour scheme, includes an upgraded suspension set-up that improves comfort for rider and passenger alike.


Ducati will also be bringing the “XDiavel Experience” to Faker See. Since leaving Peterborough, England, the XDiavel Experience truck – set up to give a taste of the XDiavel lifestyle – has been touring throughout Europe. At Faaker See there will be 20 XDiavels available: to take a test-ride just make a booking at the Ducati XDiavel Truck at the event itself.


The Ducati XDiavel brings together two worlds: the typically American cruiser world and the Ducati world. The result of this ‘crossover’ is the XDiavel, a bike bursting with personality, characterised by the iconic Italian flair that Ducati has made its hallmark. Style and design have been combined with technology and outstanding levels of performance to give Ducati cruisers something of that sport bike flavour for which the Bologna-based manufacturer is famous.


Did anyone else notice the befitting resemblance of this new Iceberg White Ducati XDiavel, featuring a blue-ish LED DRL, with the White Walkers the Game Of Thrones series?

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