Ducati Unveils 170 HP Granturismo V4 engine For The Multistrada V4

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What are the first few things which you can think of when someone brings ADV-tourers on the coffee table? Big? Burly? Capable? Versatile? This is how far it goes but trust Ducati to push the envelope as far as they can. We have witnessed in the past that what the Italian bikemaker has been doing. You can’t expect an ADV-tourer to dish out 170 PS and 125 NM now, can you? But then again, this is Ducati we are talking about and it recently revealed the Granturismo V4 engine which will be the powerhouse powering the upcoming Multistrada V4 which boasts of the same numbers mentioned above.

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Ducati will unveil the Multistrada V4 on 4th November and going by all the information that has already been revealed, it is set to set a new benchmark for ADV-tourers.

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More durable

The Granturismo V4 engine will mark its debut once it gets swapped in the upcoming Multistrada V4, the production of which, has already begun. It might be developed with the same layout as the Desmosedici Stradale unit that currently powers the other models in the brand’s line-up but its internal components have been changed and can now handle more heat and stress. It boasts of a service interval of 15,000km or two years which is berserk for such a performance-driven motor. In fact, one can go for 60,000km without needing a valve clearance check. And that is because Ducati has ditched another typical trait of Ducati motorcycles: no more Desmo valves because the valvetrain uses traditional springs.


Ducati has put all of its learnings from building the Desmosedici Stradale motor, found on the Panigale V4 and the Streetfighter V4, into making the V4 Granturismo. It is a slightly larger motor, displacing 1,158cc, i.e. 53 cc more. Comparing the new V4 Granturismo to the existing Testastretta, the new engine is shorter and wider than the existing engine. The V4 Granturismo tips the scale at just 66.7kg — 1.2kg lighter than the Testastretta. Because of its revised dimensions, the new engine is mounted 95mm lower than the Testastretta on the outgoing motorcycle. It will aid for a better centre of gravity, which will make the motorcycle more agile.

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Ducatis were renowned for their characteristic vibrations. Characteristic because that’s how a Ducatisti defines it but to provide a smoother ride, the V4 Granturismo uses a new valve train and counter-rotating crankshafts. This will aid for smoother power delivery across the rev-range and improves the handling characteristics of the motorcycle as well. The all-new engine is homologated to meet stringent Euro 5 emission norms, which means it is BS6-compliant. The engine comes mated a six-speed gearbox with a bi-directional quick shifter using (DQS) Ducati Quick Shift technology along with a slip-assist clutch. If you are slapping a 170 HP motor in an ADV-tourer, it wouldn’t be wise to not include a comprehensive set of rider aids. And Ducati is particularly renowned for its cutting-edge tech and electric wizardry. The upcoming Multistrada V4 will get the usual smattering of IMU-based electronic rider aids like every other modern Ducati. Plus, it will have a radar-based adaptive cruise control system, a first for any motorcycle.

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Ducati Granturismo V4 engine (2)

Ducati has always been fond of ‘sexy’ names for its engines. And the Granturismo is no different and it translates to ‘Grand Tourer’ which hints that the upcoming Multistrada V4 will be more road-biased. When you have a fire-breathing V4 singing beneath you and a 170 horses riding alongside, who wouldn’t want to munch some super quick highway miles?

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