Ducati teases something… black

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Black, the most mysterious colour of them all. The colour of the night and stealth, the colour of the dark and somber. Wait, we have used this exact same opening lines for another article, haven’t we? Oh well, this is a new story.

Ducati has just released a new teaser for some upcoming bike on its official YouTube channel. And when we say ‘teaser’ we mean that in the most literal sense, because they are giving away absolutely no details about the bike – if it is even that – in the 44-second clip.

There’s an accompanying teaser website though, but that again lent about as much info as the video itself. And, of course, a hashtag, “xducati,” and a reveal date of 16th November. That means an EICMA reveal, since the debut date is the same day as Ducati’s press event in the Milan motor show this year.

Let us know in the comments if you can shed more light on this.

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