Droom Launches Full Circle Trust Score for better assessment of used vehicles

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Droom, marketplace for buying and selling used and new automobiles, has launched a comprehensive and disruptive trust factors scoring for used vehicles called “Droom Full Circle Trust Score”.

The system is based on Droom’s proprietary technologies and algorithms that take into account trust factors that are important while buying used automobiles, such as auto inspection, warranty, verified seller, attractiveness of pricing for buyer, and level of disclosures by the sellers. Droom Full Circle Trust Score will allow buyers to develop more objective assessment and comfort around the vehicles they are considering buying.

Lamborghini Gallardo on Droom

Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Droom says that most of the used automobiles sold in India have their odometer tampered, many unknown issues and even known issues, which are typically not disclosed by sellers. Droom Full Circle Trust Score is a comprehensive and scientific way to help consumers develop comfort in their buying process.

This new system introduced by Droom is claimed to have been created with proprietary methodology and used data science to develop this trust scoring, which can disrupt how used automobiles are bought and sold in this country.

Rishab Malik, Co-founder & VP of Business Development of Droom adds that the Full Circle Trust Score is equally attractive for sellers who want to adopt best practices and offer nothing but the best to the buyer community. Seller listings with higher trust scores will automatically emerge as winners on Droom’s marketplace and the company would like sellers to participate is these initiatives to embrace a move towards organized retail in the used automobile industry in India.

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