DON’T trust your Lamborghini Aventador with a Valet

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lamborghini avetador crash
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What we have with us here today is another video of an exotic car crash that involves a Lamborghini. This light crash took place in Monaco sometime last week. In this video here, a valet car parket is seen crashing a Lamborghini Aventador into a Toyota RAV4. (ALSO CHECK: New Lamborghini Aventador Jackie Chan Edition)


This minor crash took place in parking lot of a five star Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo in Monaco, where a valet parker couldn’t seem to control his excitement of getting his hands on an Aventador and revved the engine to hear the V12 roar. Unfortunately though, the Aventador wasn’t in neutral and hitting the gas propelled this exotic supercar into a white Toyota RAV 4.

While damage to this Aventador seems to be only minor in nature, the very fact that this car here is a Lamborghini Aventador means that the Valet will probably lament having to part this mighty bull!

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