Delhi’s Men to ask the women to take charge of their lives

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The Nirbhaya Case finally has a verdict, something that the nation would be happy about. But, Delhi’s men realize that their women are not safe. Keeping the same in mind, Delhi based Bikers club, Bikers for Good has organized a ride cum rally from South Extension till Kingdom of Dreams Gurgaon. The ride is called I’MPOWER, Delhi Bikers Empower Women, and has been creating quite a buzz both online and offline.


Surprisingly, the ride has been planned by a man himself. Mohit Ahuja, founder of Bikers for Good says, “It is practically impossible to be with our women all the time, to protect them. The government doesn’t seem to show interest towards taking serious action and all that has happened till date in the name of Women Empowerment, has gone waste as it is mere education given to the men. And let’s be honest. They’re the ones who rape!

The ride has been gaining a considerable amount of support from the people looking at attending it, and most of these are men themselves. However, going against stereotypes of Men being “Bikers”, the ride shall consist of both men and women riding together on their motorcycles for one common cause. As the elections draw close, the I’POWER ride looks at making a huge impact as well as raising quite a few questions on the present government and the ones to come.

Talking about the solution to Female Sexual Abuse, Mohit says,” There is a solution to this problem. Arm the women! If every woman has the power to protect themselves, then we don’t need women empowerment! If the government can distribute free condoms, medicines and vaccines in government hospitals and dispensaries, then why not pepper sprays?

With this ride, Bikers for Good looks at appealing to the government for more practical solutions regarding the female sex. Never before have Delhi’s men given the baton in the hands of the women and asked them to be their own saviors. Bikers for Good looks at distributing free pepper sprays to these women and highlighting the fact that they can take responsibility for themselves, rather than depending on somebody else.

Bikers for Good is a movement started by Mohit on the 2nd of October, 2011. The only club in India that rides solely for and supports social causes, As Bikers for Good turns 2 years old, it stands strong as a 4000+ member strong community. The club consists of bikers across ages. Quite unbelievably, Bikers for Good has already helped more than 40,000 living beings in their struggle of survival. This is also their anniversary ride, and if things go as Bikers for Good has planned, this could be a revolution and Women Empowerment will be history.

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