Delhi Technological University to Attempt to Break a World Record for Road Safety Awareness

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All over the world, accidents claim a lot of lives. In our country alone, about 1.5 lakh people lose their lives to road accidents. Although prevention is the best cure, we also must be aware of things to do when you encounter an accident. Defensive driving techniques also should be known to avoid an accident in the first place. First aid and defensive driving are two important aspects of road safety. With an aim to create awareness and also make a new world record, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Indian Road Safety Campaign with the support of UNITAR, AIIMS and DTU aim to train a maximum number of people on these two aspects. The event will take place on Tuesday, 30th Oct in Delhi Technological University, New Delhi.

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Out of the 1.5 lakh fatalities happening every year in our country, 27% of these accidents happening in the vicinity of schools and colleges (Data Source: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways). As per a national survey, 60% of these lives could be saved if they receive medical aid in the first golden hour of the mishap. Only 25% of these cases get help in the golden hour, leading to the loss of precious lives. However, if all of us are trained to respond to such a situation, the statistic could go much higher. This would help the victims even before medical help arrives at the location, making our roads safer and also reduce the number of lives lost by a huge number.

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This is the first time when people would be trained in different aspects of road-safety, emergency care by Senior Doctors from AIIMS at the same time on a single venue. Moreover, at the same venue, participants will be taught how to drive in a defensive manner to avoid any mishap in the first place by specialists from the World Bank. This event is expected to be attended by thousands of young road users and the event is open to everyone. To participate, one can register themselves at The event will also have a medical Fair with various ambulances, emergency equipment and techniques on display along with a Painting Competition for thousands of school kids on road-safety followed by a Street Play by the world famous theatre group: Asmita. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself registered. 

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