Dear Readers, welcome to the awesome new Motoroids experience!

Your favorite source of daily dose from the auto world has gone through a few changes. Welcome to the awesome new Motoroids experience!

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Motoroids new look

This one is for you, the person on the other side of that screen reading this post right now. You, our dear friend, have been our constant companion for the last five years. An invisible guiding force, who has contributed in making us one of the largest and most popular autoblogs in this country. We might’ve never met, never spoken, but for this unspoken language that we speak, for this everyday interaction we have that doesn’t involve any speech, we need to thank you.

new look motoroids2

For the past couple weeks, we were busy trying to return the favor by making a few changes on the website that will make an effort to enhance your experience with Motoroids on desktops as well as mobile devices. During this duration, we understand that you might’ve faced some interruption while browsing through your daily dose of automotive nicotine, and we do apologize for that.

New look motoroids 2

Behind the scenes, we were busy breaking our backs and keyboards, trying to enhance your everyday experience. With a great deal of respect for the invaluable time you spend every day on Motoroids, we’ve made a few changes that will strive to make your experience more crisp, seamless, modern and in a simple word, better. Just the beginning of a new phase that we promise will bring more bang for every minute you spend on the site, here’s a list of things we’ve done to enhance and add value to the experience of a discerning Motoroids follower.

  • Clean uncluttered seamless experience

New Look Motoroids 2015 (3)

  • Faster performance
  • Improved typography, bolder titles

New Look Motoroids 2015 (6)

  • Seamless social integration
  • Unintrusive menu bar for cell phones

New Look Motoroids 2015 (2)

  • Better stylised ‘Hot Posts’, ‘Reviews’ and side bar section
  • More intelligent selection of related posts

New Look Motoroids 2015 (9)

  • Stronger and a more interactive commenting system

New Look Motoroids 2015 (4)

  • Improved image gallery and visual experience

New Look Motoroids 2015 (5)

  • Better search functionality

As we mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning of a new and exciting experience we’d like to share with all of you who’ve made Motoroids this one big free revving family that it is today. Once again, for making us who we are, for being the most important contributor to this endeavor, and for the exciting times ahead, stick around, this is going to be a fun ride! Do take some time out to take a tour and let us know if there is something new you find, or anything missing. Ensure you clear your browser cache to experience the change and do spread the word in your free revving friend circle.

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