DC Design modifies Mahindra Thar

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One might wonder what this piece of monstrosity is, but apparently it’s dubbed as an “urban convertible off-roader” by its creators, DC Design. This used to be a respectable Mahindra Thar once, but now DC Design has re-skinned it completely with bulbous, fiber glass bodywork all around. Also, add hideous. 2012_DC_Design_Urban-Thar_01

To say that it has lost its thoroughbred Jeep credentials would be an understatement. Through this project, DC envisions the Thar in an urban setting. Up front, a reworked fascia with a new three slat grille that looks like a storm drain cover and wonky headlamps with chrome bezels, replace all the classic elements of the Thar. The sides are dominated by a couple of exaggerated, chrome licked door hinges, a high set door handle and pronounced wheel arches. Behind, the spare wheel is integrated flush with the bodywork, with uncharacteristic tail lamps jutting out from the corners.2012_DC_Design_Urban-Thar_02

Inside though, it’s a different story and DC’s expertise in interiors shines through. The Thar’s minimalist cabin has been thoroughly re-trimmed & re-upholstered in black, with an LCD entertainment system and a set of drilled, metal pedals. Also on the offing is a retrofitted air-conditioning system, and a new set of wheels wrapped with some fatter rubber.2012_DC_Design_Urban-Thar_Interior_01

It does justice to the “convertible” tag with a removable, targa style roof that can stowed in the back when one feels the need to get embarrassed further-from being seen in it. The asking price for the whole conversion is a hefty 10 lakh rupees, which excludes the price of the donor vehicle.

Motoroids reader Ravi Chavan happened to meet one in the flesh near Pune recently. From the looks of it, the owner of this particular example hasn’t opted for the appropriate wheels and tires.

Do let us know your views and opinions of this design exercise via comments. We will await your views!

urban thar pune

Do let the comments flow on this one and let us know what are your thoughts on this complete makeover. Also, check out the rest of the images in the gallery below!


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