Datsun World Premiere at 11AM today. Brand to be resurrected after 32 years!

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The Datsun brand of cars, which has been in discussion of late, will be resurrected at around 11 AM at an event in New Delhi today.

The upcoming Datsun branded cars will be primarily targeting the emerging car markets like that of India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. The first Datsun car, which too will be unveiled at the event, has been codenamed as the K2. The K2 is being developed at Renault-Nissan’s Chennai technical facility.

The Datsun K2 will be seen battling it out against the Chevrolet Beat, Hyundai Eon and the Maruti A-Star in Indian car market.

It is being expected that Nissan will make India a production hub and an export hub for Datsun branded cars. Datsun cars will be shipped to the above mentioned emerging car markets. Datsun cars are being developed by Nissan Research and Development teams and will be based on previous generation Nissan cars.

As is obvious, the Datsun cars will be positioned below the Nissan. However Nissan has assured us that in no way can the Datsun cars be thought of as cut-price and stripped out versions of the Nissan vehicles. Instead, these cars will feature all the traditional strengths of Nissan vehicles while excluding some features and technologies that might elevate the costs.

Talking about the brand, Vincent Cobee, Datsun brand head, recently said, “You dream, you live a new moment in life when you buy your first car. In order to realize your dream you need to access it, you need to be able to belong. And for you to invest a substantial part of your income, you need to trust the brand. So Datsun brand would being Dream, Access and Trust to these markets.”

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