VIDEO: Daimler tests new Smart Fortwo by crashing it into S-Class

Daimler tests new Smart ForTwo by crashing it into S-Class. Checkout the video to see what happens when these two cars collide.

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Daimler Group’s brand Smart introduced the Fortwo and Forfour compact cars this week. The rear-engine, rear-wheel driven cars come in two-door and four-door options. Powering the vehicles is a 3-cylinder engine which will be available in three tunings, developing 60 , 71 and 90 hp. Power will be transferred to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual while a “twinamic” dual-clutch transmission will also be offered as an option.

smart fortwo, BR C453, 2014

Now that we have taken the performance specifications out of the way, let’s talk about its safety. Well, the company is very serious about the safety of the passengers and so, has put the Fortwo and Forfour under rigorous safety testings. One of the safety testing parameter included a head-on collision of the Fortwo with the group’s luxury brand model, Mercedes S-Class.


Most of us would think how would such a small car survive against the huge S-Class and it’s not our fault. It’s the logical thinking that we have been taught ever since we were kids that bigger things tend to be more stronger. Although the S-Class is a strong, well built vehicle, the Fortwo is not an underdog either. The Fortwo is offered with a crosswind assist system as standard, while lane keeping assist and forward collision warning system are optional. It comes standard with a driver side airbag, driver kneebag and a front passenger airbag.

All these features seem quite convincing on paper. But how do things pan out after the tests? Checkout the video to see what happens when the Fortwo gets a hit from its bigger cousin, the S-Class.

Source: Daimler AG via YouTube

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