Daimler to resurrect the Maybach moniker?

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mercedes s class pullman maybach

We reported in detail when Daimler decided to axe the production of Maybach ultra luxury sedan last year. As is a well known fact, the Maybach, which couldn’t hold a candle against the Rolls Royce Ghost, will be succeeded by the upcoming Mercedes S Class Pullman/S Class Extra-long Wheelbase.

It is now being said that the upcoming Maybach S62 replacement could carry the Maybach moniker, for better differentiation between the S Class Long Wheelbase and the Pullman. The Mercedes S Class Pullman’s wheelbase will be as much as 30 cms longer than that of the LWB model, which means that the car would be as much as 43-48 cms longer than the standard variant.

The Mercedes S Class Pullman (Codename X222) will be considerably more feature laden and quite obviously, the longer wheelbase would translate into more rear legroom. This is clearly evident from the numerous spy pics we have seen so far, all of which show the upcoming car’s longer rear door and the larger quarter window.

The Mercedes S Class Pullman is expected to make its public debut at the 2014 Auto Beijing, which would happen in April next year.

Stay tuned to Motoroids for more updates on the upcoming Mercedes S Class Pullman Hybrid.

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