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Long waiting list for vehicles can be annoying and a turn away factor for many people. Ford understands the need of prompt deliveries of its vehicles. Therefore, the company is now working on steps to reduce the waiting period on its compact SUV, the EcoSport, from the current six months time frame.

The company is in plans to introduce third shift for production of the EcoSport at its Maraimalainagar plant. With this rise in production, the company should be able to cater to the needs of its audience and improve its sales and profits.

In an interview to Autocar India and Bloomberg TV India, Nigel Harris, President of Ford India said, “The EcoSport not only did well in India but every market in which it has been launched. That has put the pressure on suppliers everywhere. We can’t change suppliers overnight but have now got to a point where we can increase volumes. We will, therefore, soon move to a third shift which is planned for the EcoSport”

Ford retails the Ecosport in India in four trim levels- Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus. The Titanium variant is available only with the 1-Litre EcoBoost turbocharged petrol and 1.5-liter Ti-VCT petrol engine. The Titanium trim level brings along 6 speed PowerShift dual clutch automatic transmission for the 1.5-litre Ti-VCT petrol.

The ex-showroom prices for the Ecosport are as follows

  • 1.5 Ti-VCT (Ambiente) 5.59 Lakh
  • 1.5 TDCi (Ambiente) 6.69 Lakh
  • 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium 7.89 Lakh
  • 1.5 Ti-VCT Powershift 8.44 Lakh

Do you think quicker deliveries of the Ford EcoSport would help the company to improve its sales further? Share your thoughts through comments below. Stay tuned into Motoroids for all the updates from the world of auto.

Source: Autocar

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  • Anil Thapa says:

    I wanted to go for EcoSport but long waiting list is stopping me from going for it.
    What are the waiting time right now ? and what does the company foresee after starting the 3rd shift?
    Some straight answers will help consumer take positive decisions.

    Are you sure the prices are right these are the prices that I see on their website

    1.5 Ti-VCT (Ambiente) 5.59 Lakh on web site 630,473*
    1.5 TDCi (Ambiente) 6.69 Lakh on web site 735,956*
    1.0 Ecoboost Titanium 7.89 Lakh on web site ₹ 861,120*
    1.5 Ti-VCT Powershift 8.44 Lakh

  • Navneet Ghai says:

    Oh Yes
    It will certainly improve customer sentiment.
    I wanted to go in for a Ford EcoSport last December , but the long waiting list and the attitude of the dealer really put me off. there is a way to tell a customer that he is to wait. The view i got by my interaction was take it or leave it..we don’t care.
    Better delivery schedule coupled with dealer attitude in my opinion will improve EcoSport sales because there is little doubt that as a product they have a winner