Creepy Children to Replace Speed Breakers in Future!

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In yet, another fascinating and incredibly insane chatter we heard of, comes form the great white north- Canada; where the officials are experimenting with a new speed control concept. Now apparently, a painted optical illusion of a little girl chasing a little pink ball in traffic will be drawn on the streets instead of the traditional hump to break your speed.

The first creepy 2D pavement painting of the little girl is placed near a school in Vancouver. To describe briefly, about this terrifying and mind exploding experience- the girl’s elongated form appears to rise from the ground as cars approach, reaching a 3D realism at around 100 feet and then returns to a 2D distortion once the cars passes that ideal viewing distance.

Well, the new concept is truly brilliant, we must say… If you come from a city where no one is fond of little kids! Driving over a kid, though a fake one, is creepy. And more importantly, this concept doesn’t even seem to be better than the regular concrete bumps. The second time the driver comes across the kid’s illusion, he ain’t slowing down, as he knows the little creepy trick of a fake kid. Or worse, one can mistake a real kid for a projected one and could run him over! This kind of concept could work… But only once!

And on a second thought… Are kids still playing in the middle of busy streets?

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