Crazy Woman Starts Gas Station Fire For A Lame Reason

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Well, this could have easily ended much worse than what you are going to see in this CCTV footage. They say smoking kills you slowly but this women’s smoking habit could have killed many and also destroyed a gas pump completely. The incident took place in Jerusalem, Israel.


As you can see in the video, a man is fueling up his Suzuki Splash (Ritz for India). A random woman walks upto him and asks for a smoke. The man tunrs her down maybe because he doesn’t smoke. This irks the women who set the man’s car on fire by flicking her lighter near the hose he was using to pump gas. See why the title contains the word “lame” ? Yes, this lady tried to burn down this man’s car just because he refused her a cigarette.


A massive fireball quickly engulfed the hatchback, causing both the man and woman to run for their lives. Thankfully, the car did not catch a major fire and a disaster was averted. Jerusalem police arrived and apprehended the woman.

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