VIDEO: Motorcyclists have close shave with death after ramming into auto-rickshaw

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These motorcyclists are really lucky to have survived such ghastly accident as they run into an auto-rickshaw in Vasai region near Mumbai during early hours of Thursday morning. The incident took place between 6 and 7 AM in the morning.

Motorcycle crash - Vasai - 1Pillion rider (pink shirt) hits the concrete real hard

As seen in the CCTV Footage, the motorcyclist runs into an auto-rickshaw that is taking a U-turn in the middle of the street. The impact was so brutal that it sends the motorcyclists flying off into a nearby drain while the auto-rickshaw itself overturns on the spot. One of the occupants immediately gets up and shouts for help as people gather around. Luckily, the motorcyclists escape death but sustain some severe injuries.

Motorcycle crash in Vasai - 2Rider gets up and shouts for help as passerby rush to get both men out of the drain

Here is the CCTV footage of the incident:

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  • Roy says:

    i’ve met with similar type of accident twice with rickshaws, fortunately i came off with some minor bruises since i was riding at low speed with safety gears. The three wheelers are unpredictable here in india, they take turns and stops anywhere they find a hire without abiding the rules.

  • Karan says:

    For me… It was that fucking motorcyclist who was at fault…

    The auto driver found no one coming and oy then took a u turn… His speed is justified

    But then the bike was too fast to be controlled… The way he had hit the pavement… He must be above 120

  • Gautham says:

    Shocking . Even i drive fast at speeds i am comfortable to brake and stop if anything un expected happens like someone simply run to the other side of the road from the front of the bus after the bus stops in the bus stop .We cannot correct every stupid in road but we can expect these to happen and hence take precaution before entering into this situation of no chance to turn back .

  • kush says:

    its p220…the dude was riding it toooo fast and as usual no safety not even a helmet..

  • mahesh says:

    this auto wala’s behave every where in india like this only they dont care about others who passes by they have ruined so many lifes of people by their fault they should be taught good lesson by slapping on roads each and every person after every incident