Crazy video! Kamikaze R1 rider rides at 300kmph chasing SL63 AMG, fails!

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SL 63 AMG vs R1 300kmph

This has to be one of the craziest automotive videos we have ever seen, and not in a good way. The video comprises two of the stupidest people alive, but with balls of titanium. Leading the chase is a derestricted and performance modified SL63 AMG, chased by a moron on the Yamaha R1, again, riding a derestricted machine.

With probably a GoPro fitted inside his lid, the crazy R1 rider decides to chase the manically fast SL63 ahead of him, goes all the way up to 299km/h and stays there for longer than probably anyone ever has on two wheels on a public road. All this while when he’s trying to chase down the supercar ahead of him, you’d find yourself clenching your fists and praying the almighty he doesn’t crash.

The surprising thing here is that even with the R1 rider doing a suicidal 299km/h the car in lead is pulling away – its driver clearly taking the honors for being the bigger fool of the two.

All this happens on the median-less, two way road with some traffic in Sweden. You really have to watch this one to believe it.

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