Crazy Crazy World: Audi R8 Dipped in Gold!


Warning – looking at the car directly through your naked eye, may cause some damage or may want you to burst one of your artery tubes in envy or may keep you away from eating for months in disgust. No, seriously. A black or white paint job for your darling Audi’s are a passe. Gold is the new black and spotted in it’s true bling avatar is this Audi R8 in Moscow, Russia. Although there’s no info available about whom this car belongs too or how much it cost to get it wrapped in gold; the bling photos itself have earned the right to be featured on Motoroids.

A gold plated Audi R8 was spotted in Moscow Russia - the same place where a gold plated Porsche was stolen some time back after it became famous on the internet

And yeah, don’t mistake the car wrap to be real gold, since one gold Porsche was stolen before in Moscow, as the thieves thought it was probably worth much more. #Fail #Loser.

Source: AutoGeSpot



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