Scoop! 2010 / 2011 Hero Honda Hunk

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Believe it or not, but the Hunk and the CBZ Xtreme are doing wonders to Hero Honda with very healthy sales. While the CBZ Xtreme got a facelift some time back with a few more odd colour schemes, its now time for the Hunk to get some more muscle. And guess what, its not just the Photoshop artists who got busy again, but some engineers too. The new Hunk does get the usual dose of new colour schemes, new vinyls etc. But along with that hoopla comes a rear disc brake – the same unit that you saw in the Honda Unicorn Dazzler some time back. The 2011 Hunk also gets a digital console, LED taillights and some muscle on the tank and the front fender. What we have stumbled upon now is a video presentation for the new Hunk which will be aired during the launch of the new bike. The bike is expected to cost slightly higher than the outgoing model and should be available for sale by the end of this month. Stay tuned to Motoroids as we bring you more dough on this upgraded machine from Hero Honda. Oh c’mon, don’t give us that look, with a rear disc, a LED taillight and the digital console, its more that just the plus and minus and star and slash ‘upgrades’ that Hero Honda is know for…

The 2011 Hero Honda Hunk is about to be launched. We get our hands on a video that shows of the new features in the Hunk! More details on

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