Cozi Cars inaugurates their mechanized water smart car detailing studio in West Delhi

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With an aim to expand their presence in India, Cozi Cars, a Delhi-based eco-friendly car wash and cleaning company, has launched their new international standard outlet. The outlet is located at Hari Nagar, West Delhi. The company is planning to open 6 outlets in next 3 months in Delhi NCR. The Cozi Cars outlet provides mechanized car cleaning solutions with their latest equipment including spray extraction machines, high-powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and more.


Compared to the conventional car wash and for internal cleaning the technology used by Cozi Cars saves more than 95% of water. The company opts for waterless techniques for speed car wash resulting into no wastage of water. The folks at Cozi Cars say – We make use of as little as only four bottles of water to clean the cars by using steam cleaning options thereby trying to help in water conservation.

An official spokesperson said, “At Cozi Cars, we do a plethora of research on the car care and maintenance, the aim is to deliver best of service and bring in new a concept of car cleaning and detailing to Indian car market. In the beginning, we are focusing on educating our customers about the whole concept of Clean Car Culture, we have a strong belief that our efforts will not only please you but definitely going to surprise you.”


Services offered at the outlet are as follows:

  • Full Body Steam Cleaning (Euro IV Standard)
  • Waterless internal upholstery cleaning with spray injection/extraction machines
  • Engine steam cleaning
  • Anti-Rust coating and Protection
  • Paint protection and Premium coatings
  • Engine Degreasing/Coating
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Windshield Treatment
  • Leather conditioning
  • AC Sanitizing

On Inauguration of the outlet in India, Jasmeet Singh, Vice President, Liv India Group said demand for a professional and reliable cleaning brand is higher than ever and only going to increase further.

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