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Could Haojue TR300 Turn Out To Be A Suzuki 300cc Cruiser In The Future?


Budget cruisers seem to be the latest trend in the motorcycling world. Gone are the days when you had to shell out a fortune to own a hunkered down, low slung cruiser. Due to the rise in demand in the developing countries, manufacturers are now dishing out small-capacity cruisers as well. Enter the Haojue TR300 that has been leaked online. Haojue showcased the DR300 at the Chongqing Motor show 2018 in China and the TR300 seems to be derived from the same streetfighter, albeit with cruiser elements.

More details

For the uninitiated, Haojue is Suzuki’s partner in China and the DR300 is basically a Suzuki GSX-S300.

Haojue TR300

Design and styling

The leaked images show that the TR300 will be a cruiser and it has a retro design with a long wheelbase and sits a little low. TR300 will have a modern headlight set up with LEDs. The Instrument cluster will be all digital. There is a small windscreen above the instrument cluster.  The fuel tank is tear-drop shaped and it aligns with the seat, which will be comfortable for the rider. The high handlebars also give the bike a more commanding stance. The exhaust is also buffed up and blends well with the over the design of the bike.


The engine of TR300 will be same as that of DR300 but the TR300 will be tuned to give out more power. Haojue TR300 will have a 298cc parallel twin cylinder which will be a liquid cooled engine. The power output is expected to be around 28 bhp while the torque output should be rated at 27nm. With this engine it is most likely that there will be a 5 speed manual gearbox. The engine output won’t be different from GSX-S300.

Haojue TR300

Suspension and Tires

By looking at the picture the bike will have telescopic front suspension and a twin spring set up at the rear. With this suspension set up the riding will be smooth. The bike will have 16 inch alloys and buffed up tires which give the bike more retro vibes. The chunky tires will help the bike to overcome any terrain. The bike will have disc brakes on the front and rear.

Just like the rest of the world, small-capacity cruisers are gaining traction in our country as well and by the looks of it, the TR300 should fit in the segment like a glove. If it ever gets here, wearing Suzuki’s badge, it will have to go against the likes of Meteor 350, H’ness CB350 and Jawa Motorcycles. But let us be honest here, the chances of it coming to India are slim to none.



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