Chinese mom picks BMW over her son, denies breaking car’s window to rescue trapped child

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Chinese woman refuses to damage her BMW - 1

Here is an example of parenting that anyone on this planet (or on any other planet) should absolutely steer clear of. A woman in China refused to damage her BMW in order to save her trapped three year old child. This incident took place in the city of Yiwu, China. As reported by CCTV News, a huge crowd gathered after hearing cries of the helpless child stuck inside the car.

While the boy cried for help, his mother stood next to the car, doing absolutely nothing to save the child in distress. Firefighters rushed to the location and advised the woman to break the window before the child suffers any more. However, to their surprise, she refused to damage her car and insisted to wait for a locksmith. But looking at the boy’s dwindling health condition, the firefighters refused to wait any further and smashed the window.

Chinese woman refuses to damage her BMW - 4

One of the firefighters was quotted saying, “It is very dangerous to leave kids inside car, especially in such heat. The temperature inside the car can soar in very short time and threaten the child’s life.”

The entire episode has led to an outrage on social networking websites against the woman who chose her BMW over her child. What do you have to say about this woman’s action? Share your views with us through the comments section below.

Source: CCTV News

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  • Dhibu says:

    They should have locked her inside a car and made her felt how it would be sitting inside a hot car.