Chevrolet Spark EV Showcased at Genava


chevrolet spark ev 1

Chevrolet has unveiled the nee Europe-spec Chevrolet Spark Electric at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The electric variant of the latest generation of Spark (aka Beat in India) is slated to go on sale in European car markets next year.

The Spark Electric Vehicle (EV) is powered by an electric motor that has a peak power output of 130 bhp and max torque figure of 540 Nm. The highlight of the new Spark EV is the new battery technology that allows the car to be ‘fast charged’ in just 20 minutes.

As with every electric motor, the Spark EV’s electric motor endows the car with a sea of torque right from the word GO. This enables the car to have a 0-100 kmph time of less than 8.5 seconds. The Spark EV gets its juice from a lithium-ion battery pack that is rated at 20 kWh. The battery pack comes with an advance active liquid cooling and heating system. Chevrolet says that the Spark EV’s range is the “best in its class.” The Spark EV’s battery pack can be charged on both alternate current (AC) and direct current (DC).

The battery pack can be charged to 80% of its capacity using DC charging permits in about 20 minutes. Also, the battery park of the Spark EV allows multiple DC fast charges on a regular basis. AC charging of the battery pack takes anywhere between 6 to 8 hours on a regular 230 V plug.

chevrolet spark ev 2

The dashboard of the Spark Electric Vehicle comes with two seven inch full colour LCD screens. The dash also gets a third display which is positioned in the centre console and provides the interface for infotainment, climate control and data on car’s energy.





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