Chevrolet India unveils new ‘Shattering Perceptions’ Ad Campaign for Beat

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Chevrolet Beat Export from India

Chevrolet India today has launched a new campaign for the Beat with a concept of ‘Shattering Perceptions’ to tap their target customers. The new campaign will also align with the main attribute of the car ‘Fun to Drive’. The Shattering Perceptions campaign claims to present fresh content through real life situations which are authentic, because this, says Chevrolet, has been done with real people, not actors. The new campaign approach for Beat, according to the American manufacturer, seeks to get people to re-evaluate the category itself. Three long-format films have been developed to get people to realize that apart from being practical, the Beat is actually about driving fun and being funky.

Jack Uppal, Vice President Marketing & Customer Experience, GM India said, “We are proud to introduce the new campaign for the 2016 Chevrolet Beat this month with a concept of ‘Shattering Perceptions’ to tap our core customer focus groups. The Chevrolet brand holds strong product attributes based on technology, power and dependability that would definitely create a positive impact. This is the perfect kind of setting to correct the difference between the brand and the people’s perceptions of it.”

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Created and executed by Commonwealth and the media partners Carat, Shattering Perceptions was rolled out in the US market a couple of months ago, to correct the people’s perceptions of the brand.  To begin with, in December 2014, Chevrolet in the US faced a strange situation. A survey showed that a large majority of the respondents did not have an excellent opinion of the brand; many in fact did not even consider the brand when they were purchasing a new car. And yet, Chevrolet was the most awarded car company in the US in 2014!

Chevrolet says that the ‘Shattering Perceptions’ approach worked so well for the brand that it was taken global – today, this approach is used in 5 other Chevrolet markets around the world, including the US, Canada, Israel, Korea and the Middle East. In the US alone, the brand claims that there have been around 85 executions on this campaign idea so far, and has been successful in causing a positive re-evaluation both at the Chevrolet brand level, and at the nameplate level.

The New Campaign comprises of a 360 degree approach which is led by Mobile and Digital medium. OOH Media, Cinema and Television will remain an integral part of the campaign. The campaign debuts today on all social and digital media sites.


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