Chevrolet India launches Beat LPG

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Chevrolet has been testing the Beat LPG for quite some time now. Seems like the company has now very quietly launched the new variant along with the recently unveiled ‘Smartech’ engine. The company’s website now shows the new LPG variant with a page talking about its features. The LPG has a filling capacity of 26.2 kmpl, and an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 13.29kmpl.
The Beat comes equipped with new generation Multipoint Sequential LPG injection kit, which has the following advantages, according to Chevrolet India.
•    Less weight
•    No power loss
•    No jerks and backfires which means smoother hassle-free transition from petrol to LPG and back.
•    Better routing control and no kinking.
•    No chance of inside/outside corrosion for life.
•    The LPG kit is intelligently placed in the engine compartment, hence consuming lesser space and giving enough room for the passengers.
•    The cabin space is not affected due to LPG kit and hence passengers can enjoy the same space as Beat petrol.
•    First LPG vehicle in India to use High Pressure LPG pipes made of High Strength Nylon.

There has been no official word from Chevrolet about the price of the LPG version, but the dealers are suggesting a Rs 35000 increase over the stock version.

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