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Check Out This Tastefully Modified Volkswagen Polo From Kannur!


It is no doubt that German cars offer the most flexibility when it comes to modifying them. More specifically the VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) cars can be fitted with many European spec parts to the Indian versions without much hassle. The Volkswagen Polo then is the perfect enthusiasts’ choice when it comes to personalizing and there are truly some great examples out there that suit every kind of usage one might desire.

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The Polo’s excellent TSI and TDI engines coupled with its solid build and handling truly makes it desirable to own. Today we’re going to take a look at this lowered Polo GT TSI which is owned by Mr Neeraj Purushothaman who hails from Kannur.

tastefully modded polo gt tsi front

Aesthetic updates

This particular Polo comes with a long list of mods that are aesthetic as well as performance-based. Starting with exteriors, it gets an Rline body kit with an Rline grille. It gets custom front splitter and side skirts. The chrome bits which come standard have been blacked out and the stock headlight and tail lights have been replaced with aftermarket LED units.

tatsefully modded polo gt tsi side

Other exterior mods include a 3m sunfilm, carbon fibre mirror caps. The 17 inch Rotiform 8j rims wrapped in upsized 205/45/17 tires round off the exterior. The car sits on a nice lowered stance thanks to the Cobra suspension. The interiors are fully blacked out.

performance mods

The performance upgrades list certainly runs long on this one. It gets a RedBandRacing performance stage 2 aggressive remap with Fusillade. Zeroforce custom SS piped performance full exhaust system with aftermarket valvetronic, BMC air filter, Forge Motorsport blow off valve and OE VW Euro air channel.

tastefully modified polo gt tsi

We are not aware of the power gains from these mods yet but the stock Polo GT TSI itself is no slouch. It produces 103hp and 175nm of torque. The transmission duties are taken care of by the 7 speed DSG dual-clutch transmission which ensures lightning quick shifts.

tastefully modded polo gt tsi rims

This tastefully modified Polo is an example of how mod-friendly the car is and it shows why the car still sells in the market despite its age. Kudos to the owner for his great taste in mods!



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